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Club Callsigns G4FBS held by MØKTT & G6RST held by G4WQZ.

Club Nets
(all times are local clock times, and frequencies are +/- QRM etc)

  • Sunday -    09:00 CW 1950 kHz, followed at 09:30 by SSB on the same frequency
    Net controllers: CW Stuart G0FYX; SSB Stuart G0FYX
  • Sunday -    20:00 FM 433.450 MHz
    Net controller: Club call G6RST operated by John G4WQZ, or nominated club member operating as G6RST/A.
  • Monday -    19:30 SSB 1950 kHz, continues for about 30 minutes
    Net controller: Stuart G0FYX
  • Wednesday -    19:30 FM 145.375 MHz
    Net controller: Club call G6RST operated by John G4WQZ, or nominated club member operating as G6RST/A.

Membership Grades

Joining fee of £2 then annual UK subscription £26, (Europe and Rest of world prices—please enquire). Junior members up to 10 years old pay no fee. 10-18 year-olds pay a discretionary fee at half the adult UK rate

The joining fee is waived for any participants that complete any training course run by HDARC, provided membership is taken up within 12 months of the course completion.


(full details from Stuart GØFYX) All also applicable to SWL's

The Horndean & District Amateur Radio Club Award, HF, VHF/UHF.
Open also to non-members of the club. Club callsigns (or Special callsigns used by HDARC) count 2 points. Club member contacts (no dupes) count 1 point. You need 10 points HF, or 15 points VHF/UHF.

The HDARC trophy.
Awarded at the AGM in October. Only open the HDARC members. Qualifying period is October 1st to next September 30th. Work stations, the last letter of whose callsign makes up the phrase set for that year. Winner chooses next year's phrase.


That is 66 letters (different stations contacted). Closing date October 2nd 2020. Log book extract entries showing station contacted, date, time, band, mode, RS(T) to Stuart G0FYX (

Constructors Award. 
Only open to HDARC members. Novice, Intermediate and Expert categories. Details and application forms from Julia G0IUY (contact details on main page). Awarded at each AGM.

The G4BEQ CW Achievement Award
This award will be made to the person who meets the requirements below.

New rules from October 1st 2016:

  1. Must be a fully paid up HDARC member.
  2. Qualifying period, October 1st to September 30th each year.
  3. Applicants must work 30 countries on CW and use one letter/number of the call to make up the sentence G4BEQ CW Award.
  4. Only one call from each country can be used.
  5. If more than one entry is received, the winner will be drawn at the AGM. All correct entrants will receive a certificate.
  6. If no one qualifies in any one year then the last winner may be allowed to hold it on behalf of the Club. The award remains ultimately the property of G4BEQ/HDARC
  7. The award itself is an RSGB Millennium Morse Key, Limited Edition No.18. Only 155 were made and it has a certificate of authorisation. The key is made of Gold Plated brass, the base and knob of ebony wood. The whole is contained in a polished wood box. The recipient will also receive a certificate to retain as proof of receiving the award.

The Alan Blake Memorial Trophy (commemorating the late MØSNT Alan Blake, member of HDARC)

Awarded at the AGM to the person who, in the opinion of the committee, has contributed most to the furtherance of the hobby by being involved with the delivery or receiving of HDARC training, or who is otherwise part of the training team.

The Harold Newton Award (commemorating the late Harold Newton G6VBH, member of HDARC). 
Awarded by the committee (who are ineligible for it), to the club member whose actions, in their opinion, have contributed most to the club in the past year. Awarded at the AGM.

The John Taylor-Cram Scribe Award (donated by the late 2E1COC, John Taylor-Cram, member of HDARC). 
Awarded to the person contributing the most interesting article to the club newsletter. Presented at the AGM each year.

The Mike Matthews Award for proficiency in CW (commemorating Mike Matthews, G3JFF, member of HDARC). 
Only open to HDARC members. 50 different CW contacts required, of which at least 5 must be with HDARC members. Awarded annually, and presented at the AGM. Qualifying period is October 1st to September 30th the following year. 

The Sid Jenkins Memorial Trophy. 
In memory of club founder Sid Jenkins G4CHO. Awarded at the AGM to the winner of the annual club project.